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Who I Am

Extroverted, laid back, caffeinated, positive: ALL words that have been used to describe me!

I’m Johnny Hill, but my superhero performance alias is THE DJ Juan Leon.

I’ve been DJing for 15 years and specialize in weddings and corporate events.

I’ve worked with big-time companies such as Columbus Crew SC, Major League Baseball, and Macy’s.

My understanding of popular music coupled with my ability to read crowds sets me apart from other DJs.

My goal for your event is to create THE environment everyone will be talking about tomorrow — and twenty years from now!

Best DJ


Born and raised in Ontario, Ohio, I began my journey with nothing more than a CD player, a boombox, and just a few cassette tapes. Even with next to no music, I found that I could make people MOVE, and I knew what I should play next to KEEP them moving.

I started with block parties, sleepovers, and school dances, where I got the party started, kept it rolling, and put it to bed.

In 2015, I moved to Columbus and have been DJing in the area ever since.


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Why You Need Me

You know what I love in this life? Making magic from music for YOU.

I’ll learn your dream for the event and lay a musical foundation up to it.

I’m a play-in DJ, so I can take requests AND make sure all the music you love gets played.

I keep grandparents and grandchildren dancing to everything from early swing to modern pop.

You’ll love working with me because I’m energetic, professional, and personable.

I’m unflappable, cool as a cucumber in any emergency. And I’m organized with instant access to hundreds of thousands of songs. Last minute changes? No problem. Do you have a drunk toast maker and need a 20-minute music bridge? Handled.


Bottom-line: There’s nothing I love more than customizing your playlist and transitions to make it the PERFECT soundtrack to your story.

I live my dream by making YOURS come true.

Let me prove it to you!

Listen to My Work to Hear How It Will Sound At Your Event

I like to post my work on Mixcloud to give me feedback from all over the world. Check out a few of my favorite mixes below:


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Book me NOW!

Columbus, Ohio, DJ Juan Leon makes your dreams come true by discovering your wishes, making a rock-solid plan to support them, and ensures the day of goes off without a hitch!