DJ Juan Leon

You won’t let your wedding or event flop because of lame music, will you?

Relax and enjoy yourself! Count on me to set the mood with expertly selected tracks to enhance the event for whatever vibe you’re going for.

The Five Steps To Your Perfectly DJ’d Event

1. Consultation

We’ll schedule an informal meeting to review your expectations so that I understand exactly what you want!

You can also tell me about the fellow stars of the show and the guests who mean the world to you. The experience you want the whole crew to have is what I’ll create.

2. Collaborative planning

Once I’ve meditated on your dreams and goals, I get to work. I build a plan to make your event one that people still talk about years later. This is about magic!

I meet with you twice to ensure the plan is synced with your goals.

Planning Meeting #1: You get to approve what you like and put aside what you don’t.

I’ll work hand-in-hand with you to:

I’ll ensure that the plan lines up with the preparations of additional parties like:

Planning Meeting #2

We iron out the plan, addressing:

3. Entertain

Day of, I’ll arrive 1-2 hours early to make sure EVERYTHING is properly set up.

I’ll marshal your videographers and photographers to follow the schedule to the minute. The same goes with your party: I make the schedule true north for an effortless experience for your guests.

I’ll read your audience like a book to ensure maximum fun and make sure EVERY song you want to hear gets played. It’s your dream night, and I’m here just lay a foundation up to it!

Magic: You’ll know it by the stories people tell about your event YEARS later!

4. Tear down

I’m a talented gearhead. I’ll leave the space as if I were never there. Your deposit is safe!

I’ll coordinate with any photographers and videographers to guarantee that the soundtrack to your magical event is present everywhere you want it.

5. Repeat!

I’m confident that you’ll love my work so much that you’ll invite me to your next event and refer me to your friends!

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Super Satisfied Customers

Why You Need To Work With Me


  • Seasoned: I’ve done thousands of events, and I know what to feature and what to watch out for.
  • Technology — Mics: I only use the best mics and work with your crew to make sure they’re used correctly. The audio will be clear and ready to record.
  • Technology — Systems: No CD’s and phone speakers here. I use a state-of-the-art digital sound system.
  • Ready for anything: I bring a backup with me to every event and I constantly check my gear. I’m a pro. This is what I love doing.
  • Event Center Whisperer: Because I’ve performed so much, I know the ins and outs of event centers and venues of Columbus and greater central Ohio. I’ll give you that sweet sound you crave!
  • Flexible: I’m an open-format DJ. I’ll play the music you love!
  • Talented: I take requests and mix them into your playlist well. Believe it or not, this is a rare skill among DJs.

Project Manager

  • I’m happy to help plan any aspects of your wedding or event; Project and event management is a personal passion.


  • Punctual: I’m always 1-2 hours early.
  • Prepared: I meet with you three or more times to ensure your event is perfectly planned and executed.
  • Thorough: I test ALL of my equipment prior to your event
  • Scalable: I handle events of any size. From 25 of your closest friends and family to a 500-person blowout. It’s lit!
  • Excellent word-of-mouth: Most of my business comes through referrals, a fact I’m REALLY proud of!

Fun & Personable

  • Sociable: I love people. Look at my pics with everyone grinning ear-to-ear!
  • Classy: I’ll dress-to-match your event.
  • Adaptable: I’ve done an ENTIRE wedding with only four hours notice.
  • Communication: I speak clearly and am well-prepared to instruct others working to keep your event on schedule.


  • Storyteller: I know that you have a vision for your event, and I can make the perfect soundtrack for the movie you’ve been playing in your head as you dream of the fun to come.
  • Music library: I have hundreds of thousands of songs in my catalog, and if there’s something I don’t have, I’ll buy it.
  • Multicultural events: I have had clients from different cultures, communities, and backgrounds partying together!
  • Multigenerational events: I’m proud to say that I can keep the kids and grandparents partying into the night!



Additional Services


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I’m booked months and sometimes years in advance: Reserve me today so your event has THE best DJ!

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Columbus, Ohio, DJ Juan Leon makes your dreams come true by discovering your wishes, making a rock-solid plan to support them, and ensures the day of goes off without a hitch!